Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We Felt the Earth, Move, Under Our Feet

I’ve had those lyrics in my head all day. Well, ever since our earthquake anyways! Yep, you heard me, we experienced an 5.9 magnitude earthquake this afternoon!

After our long morning walking around the University of Maryland, we were all relaxing (Zoe and I on our laptops, Harper snoozing in his bed and Tony napping on the couch) when all of a sudden we felt a slight rumbling. The slight rumbling soon turned into a full house-shaking, glass-shattering event! The three of us ran out of the rooms we were in and Zoe ran into Harpers room to make sure he was ok since she was on the second floor. I looked at Tony and yelled that Harper was upstairs asleep and then he too ran up to see if he was ok…it turns out that Harper can sleep through earthquakes, no problem!

After the shaking stopped we all just stood around digesting what had just happened. I walked outside to see if there was any damage and noticed a bunch of my neighbors out on their lawns. We all shared our stories about “what we were doing when the earthquake started” while we calmed down.

Landon was at school during the quake and I thought he’d get off the bus freaking out about it, but all he said was “Did you guys feel that earthquake today?” He said that his whole class had to get under their desks and they stayed there for about 20 minutes until they were all evacuated out of the building. I guess he thought the whole thing was a little exciting, but I’m sure he must have been a little scared too.

I’m so thankful that the earthquake didn’t cause a ton of damage to our area and that everyone is safe. And, I hope to never experience anything like it again. Ever.

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