Friday, August 12, 2011

Wonderful One

My littlest guy turned one today. My emotions are so mixed about this milestone. Part of me is crushed by how rapid we’ve come to this point, while another part is so happy that we’ve made it here without pause…another healthy, happy baby. IMG_7647Something about kids just makes time go so unbearably fast, and every single precious moment is over before you know it.

So, for today, I just want to remember how lucky I am to have this wonderful little person in my life. I want to drink in the giggles, the cries, the peek-a-boo’s and the silly games we play. I want to remember how he holds his hands up to me when he wants to be held and how he snuggles deep into the bend of my arm when I rock him and feed him his milk. I want to remember him slapping the door and grunting to let me know he wants to go outside, and remember the way he grabs the dogs rope to get her to play fetch each morning. I’ve got to remember how we get up early in the morning and quietly play with toys and share a breakfast of toast and yogurt; the quiet strolls in the backyard and the early mornings listening to the birds while I push him in his swing. I need to remember how he toddles around with his chest and belly sticking out, always holding an object in each hand and how when excited, he’ll take off in an unsteady run…only to be grabbed up and smothered in kisses by someone who loves him. I want to remember his curiosity, eagerness to learn, and never ending energy.I want to remember how Zoe, Landon and Tony love him, and how they are teaching him to love them back.

I love you, Harper Thane…my little bunny.

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