Friday, September 2, 2011

Five on Friday

  1. Because of Hurricane Irene, my kids only had three days of school this week. The first week of school was 4 days for Landon and three for Zoe, and since it’s Labor day weekend now they only have 4 days next week. I’m looking forward to a whole five days of school for both of them…sometimes school is such a tease.
  2. After a lot of worrying and stress, Zoe took and passed her driving exam. She was mostly freaking out about the parallel parking and two point turn, but she soared right through the whole thing like she’s been driving for years. Tomorrow will be the first day she actually drives alone though, so I think that will be the real test.
  3. Today for lunch we decided to try out the newest restaurant in our mall, Buffalo Wild Wings. The wings were pretty good, and it was a nice change from what we normally go for at the mall. I’m looking forward to the other new restaurants that will be opening at our mall once the casino is complete because that is the one thing that has been seriously lacking.
  4. I went to Landon’s back to school night on Thursday and realized it will be my last at this school for several years. It made me sad to think of it that way, but I was happy to hear about all the cool things they’ll be learning this year. His teacher seems very enthusiastic and luckily we kind of know her since Zoe had her when she was in 4th grade.
  5. I stopped in Yankee Candle today and got a couple new candles for fall. If you were trying to guess the season by the smell of that store, you’d swear it was mid October! I ended up getting this one and this one. And, I picked up one of these, just because it was so pretty!

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