Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Shopping

Because of the torrential downpours we had yesterday, Landon’s soccer game was cancelled today. That meant that we had an entire day to kill, and those kinds of days are just awesome! We ended up spending most of the day just hanging around the house, but around 2pm we headed to the mall for a few things.

I don’t know what was going on in Annapolis today, but the mall was jam packed. It took us awhile to find a parking spot and it was super crowded in every store. Zoe and I ran into a few stores looking for a Homecoming dress, and we finally found a sweet little black dress at Macy's. She wanted to get a teal colored dress for this years dance, but once she tried on the black one, we both felt that it was perfect. I’m so glad we found it too, because Homecoming isn’t even a month away and I hate waiting till the last minute! It’s just another thing I can check off my ever growing to-do list.

We also stopped in the Lego store so I could see if they had any of their advent calendars. Lucky for me, they did have this years calendars, and I went ahead and picked up the Lego City advent calendar to try out this year. They had that one and a Star Wars version, but I only got one for now…who knows if I’ll end up going back for the other. I think they just seem like a really cool twist on the traditional candy calendar.

Tony found his way down to the game store and ended up getting Gears of War 3 for himself. It’s nine o’clock now and I’m really surprised he hasn’t gone downstairs into to the “cave'” to play it yet.

I found some t-shirts for Harper at Babies R Us that were 75% off, so I bought him a few that are 18 months size. He needs 9 month pants and 18 month tops. He has a big belly, what can I say? :)

That pretty much sums up our shopping expedition for today, but if you read all that you’ll realize that I didn’t get anything…so, I guess we’ll be going out for a little more shopping tomorrow. I just hate to be left out!

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