Friday, September 23, 2011

Five on Friday

  1. It’s been a rough week for Harper. Two days ago he fell outside while holding two tennis balls, and since he had them in his hands he couldn’t catch himself and ended up hitting his forehead on the driveway. Yesterday morning before we walked Landon to the bus, Harper tripped on a pillow and bit his lower lip. He bled all over my shoulder and I didn’t have time to change before we headed down to the bus. It wasn’t pretty.
  2. Landon stayed home this past Wednesday because he “wasn’t feeling good”. I tend to trust my kids when they tell me they don’t feel well because they’ve never before lied to me about being sick in order to miss school. I’m not sure that Landon was lying per say, but he sure was looking fine by about noon. I considered taking him to school, but ultimately decided not to. If it happens again though, he will be headed to school and doing some explaining.
  3. Zoe is healing up just fine since her surgery last week. She missed school on Monday because she was still having some pain and swelling, but she was feeling much better on Tuesday so she’s been back to school since. She had two soccer games this week, but her coaches wouldn’t let her play the first one despite the note from the doctor saying she could if she felt up to it. It’s probably a good thing though because if she’d been hit in the mouth, she would have been in some serious pain! They ended up winning both games this week and I hope we can keep winning!
  4. I have been busy this week completing projects. I finished a Halloween cross-stitch project and just need to get to Michaels to get it framed. I finished a fall frame that has been on my mind for ages, and I’ve been working steadily on scrapping photos that I had printed a while ago. I only have 3 more photos in the envelope and that feels like a pretty big accomplishment! It’s nice to finally feel like I have the time to work on these projects again. Not a ton of time, but a few hours here and there really help!
  5. Whenever I’m not sure what to do with Harper in the middle of the day, we strap on our shoes and walk the neighborhood. Sometimes we make it all the way down to the park, sometimes we only make it a few houses down. A little ways down our street there are a couple cats that live in someone’s garage and we always call them to see if they’ll come out. He just loves seeing them and if I say “here, kitty” he slaps his tummy or bottom to tell them to come. It just kills me, it’s so cute!

That’s it for today, hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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