Sunday, September 18, 2011

Soccer is My Life…Like It or Not!


Yesterday was Landon’s first soccer game of the season. ASA seems to start a little later than some other local organizations, but their first game was also rained out so we are just getting started. He is on a new team this year, and he’s really been enjoying himself. He feels like he has something to contribute to the team, and I think he finally feels like he is just as good as the other boys on his team. So far, it has been a really good experience.


Unfortunately, yesterday’s game was a bit of a downer. The boys played a team from Westminster that looked like they may have been genetically altered to play this sport. I swear it was as if someone had programmed them to annihilate our boys, and that is pretty much exactly what they did. It’s always difficult to watch your kids’ team lose, but yesterday was so awful, Tony, his mom and I took turns walking around with Harper just to dull the pain.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that with time and L-O-T-S of practice, they’ll get better. But, more importantly, I hope that Landon will continue to enjoy himself and stick with it.

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