Thursday, September 8, 2011


  • Today I woke up to the sound of rain. It has been raining here for the past 4 days, almost non-stop. It has been raining so much that many parts of Maryland are flooded and it looks like we still have another day of this to get through. So many people have lost so much, it’s devastating.
  • Today, Harper, Mema and I went on a shopping trip to Costco. Mema came to our house to ride with us to the store, but we only got around the corner before it felt like the truck was going to die…so we turned around and reloaded everything into Mema’s little car to go to Costco. She drives a very small car, so it was quite an ordeal getting all the groceries, stroller, diaper bag, umbrellas and 3 people into her car. Just getting Harpers car seat into her car was a challenge, but we managed.
  • Harper decided that he didn’t need/want a nap this morning, but since we were going to the store I still needed a shower. Usually I shower while he’s sleeping, but since there was no nap, I had to compromise. I brought up a couple of his toys into my bathroom so that he would be occupied while I showered, but he wasn’t having it. He started crying the minute I got in, so I pointed the shower head towards the wall and held the door open with my foot so that he could see me while I was in there. He still cried. So, I told him to get certain toys to show me while I was in there, and he did get every single thing I asked him for, except he cried the entire time. It wasn’t the most relaxing shower, but it was probably the quickest one ever. I should have probably had the people from Guinness there to time me.
  • Today we had to drop the truck off at the dealership. I’d like to shoot my truck and put it out of it’s misery.
  • Today I had to punish Landon for throwing a toy (he was having a moment) and accidentally breaking it. I wasn’t really upset about the toy, more about the tantrum, so I grounded him from playing on the computer for the day. I feel like I’m punishing myself more than him.
  • Today Ginger kept following me around the house, but I was too busy to stop and think about what she might need. As I came down the stairs from trying to get Harper to nap, I saw, on my rug, what Ginger was trying to tell me. It was a reminder to pay attention. A stinky one.
  • Today, Zoe told me that one of her friends was having a “mandatory” sleep over tomorrow night. Ha. Ha. Love her sense of humor. :)
  • Today I talked to my mom the entire time Harper was napping. I didn’t do any multi-tasking while I was on the phone either. No folding laundry/sweeping the floor/cleaning the bathroom/picking up toys. Just talk and listen. It was nice.
  • Today I accidentally left my cell phone on top of the car when I was unbuckling Harper from his car seat. It was out there for about 15 minutes and about 5 minutes in the rain. I’m so thankful I found it and it still works. I’m very attached. Its sick.

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