Friday, October 14, 2011

Five on Friday

  1. I have been waiting and waiting for my local scrapbook store to get in these new things called Smash books and coordinating products, and they finally came in this week. I can’t wait to give it a try this weekend!
  2. Senior toga day is a big deal. I can’t even remember if we had that when I was a senior, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t dress up for it if we did. Zoe looked really pretty  and I’m so glad she took tons of pictures. She’ll be so happy she did a few years from now.
  3. Landon and his friend Tyler decided they were going to watch the Harry Potter series together. They’ve been coming home from school and watching them until Tyler has to go home at night. They’ve finished the first two so far. I’m waiting to see if they actually finish them all.
  4. Occasionally Harper has a hard time going down for a nap. Last week he was having one of those days, and I hadn’t had my shower yet, so I just put him in there with me because the kids dangerous when left alone. He absolutely loved it. In fact, he liked it so much that today he kept slapping the shower door and then sitting on the floor and attempting to pull his socks off. It was his way of letting me know that he was getting in with me, like it or not. He’s so bossy.
  5. Thursday night was senior night for the soccer team. After the girls’ varsity game, all the senior boys and girls were announced and then walked down the track with their parents. They were given flowers and gifts and lots of pictures were taken…not by me though, because in my rush to get to the game on time, I forgot my camera. Some of the girls were bawling their eyes out and it nearly made me cry just watching them. I can’t stand that all these things are coming to an end…back when Zoe was little it just didn’t seem like this moment would ever really get here. Sometimes I feel like my breath has just been knocked out of me its all just so incredibly scary and real.

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