Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Parade

Friday was Landon’s Halloween parade. All the kids get to dress up in their costumes and march in a big parade around the track outside the school. I love this event because I love seeing all the unique costumes the kids come up with. It seemed that this year there weren’t very many repeats either. Out of 600+ kids I expect to see lots of repeat costumes, but this year there were just so many different and unique costumes there wasn’t a lot of that.


Landon plans to be a zombie for Halloween, and he’s just got some make-up for that, so we bought a special costume just for the parade.


It’s much like the costume he’s worn in the past, but this one is cooler because the face has blood running down it. It’s controlled by a heart pump he holds in his had and whenever he wants to gross someone out, he just pumps the heart for a big gush of blood. Cute, right?

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