Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin Picking

Choosing a pumpkin each year is serious business. It took the four of us nearly 45 minutes to choose our pumpkins, and I’m pretty sure we all chose bigger one’s than years past. It’s too bad we all wanted huge pumpkins too because the local farm lost 80% of their pumpkin crop due to the excessive rains and they had to get pumpkins from other states. For that reason they were really expensive…but, I think we got the best ones on the lot!IMG_9312IMG_9313

Harper didn’t care so much about the pumpkins, he was more interested in pulling the cart.


Our rule is that you can only choose a pumpkin that you are able to carry by yourself. Landon, of course, had to get one that was almost impossible to carry.


He did manage to finally get in in the cart, only to be told to get it back out so that I could get a family photo! What fun are kids if you can’t pick on them every once in awhile?!


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