Friday, October 28, 2011

Five on Friday

  • Last night were soccer playoffs for Zoe’s school team. They lost 1-0, and her season is now officially over. She’s played soccer since she was 4 years old and it became something she loved to do. I hope she’ll be able to find a team to play on recreationally since she doesn’t want to play in college. I’ll miss watching her play. Even in the freezing rain and million mile per hour winds.
  • Both the kids’ schools sent home requests for baby pictures for their yearbooks. Zoe’s because she graduating high school, Landon because he’s graduating elementary school. While looking for the picture of Landon, I came across the photo below, and couldn’t believe how adorable those two were.


  • I put in my order for Zoe’s cap/gown/tassel as well as her graduation announcements. I decided beforehand that I wasn’t going to go crazy with it, and for once I was able to keep my order very minimal. I can’t imagine what she’ll look like in a cap and gown…I don’t want to.
  • Today, Landon participated in his last Halloween parade. I’ve really enjoyed watching him and his classmates walk around the path outside showing off their costumes. It’s just another thing I’m really going to miss about these elementary school years. Every single thing either of my kids do concerning school this year is bittersweet and I’ve probably shed more tears in the past couple months than I normally would in an entire year. And it’s only October.
  • Harper continues to have sleep issues at night. Last night Tony and I took turns being up with him and we’re both dead tired today. He’s finally cut one of his bottom molars, but I can still see where at least 3 more are trying to make their way through. I sure wish they’d hurry already. Yawn.

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