Monday, October 24, 2011

I Am From


Landon came home with this paper last week and it was just too cute. I love when he has papers like this that say a little about him, I love the small glimpse into his thoughts…and I especially love the third sentence about the lessons he’s learned in life. Makes me a proud momma to know that when I say something like “say something nice or don’t say anything” he’s listening and learning.

It’s impossible to read here, no matter what I do to the image, so here’s what it says:

I am from, lots of frinds, walking to the pool, and seeing and going to lot of yard sales.

I am from, Thanksgivings juicey turkey, fruit all the time, and also cookies are made some of the time.

I am from, be nice or go away, say something nice or don’t say anything and last be happy with what you have.

I am from, my mom and dad who care a lot about me, my friends who make me laugh a lot, and also my grandma who makes really good awesome food.

I’m not sure why it’s written in this format, or why every sentence begins with I am from, but I love his choice of words and the things he thought to write about. And, if you’re wondering, I know words are misspelled…I wanted to copy it exactly as it was written.

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