Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Accident

I don’t even know where to begin writing this post, so I’m just going to let it all spill out and hopefully it’ll end up making sense.

Last night around 6:45 I got a text from Zoe, and getting a text from Zoe at that time was strange because she was due at work at 6pm and I know she’s not allowed to text while on the clock. So, I knew something was up, and when I read the word “Mom”, I was immediately worried. I had a feeling in my stomach that she had been in a car accident, and after texting her and calling her several times, she finally replied that she had indeed had an accident. I kept asking her (via text) if she was okay and where she was, but only after about what felt like an eternity did she finally tell me that she was fine and that she had gone on to work. (She wouldn’t answer my calls or texts because she was working and obviously wasn’t thinking about how freaked out I was at home!) I felt a little better knowing she had made it to work and figured the car couldn’t be in that terrible of shape if she had driven it.

I was wrong.


Now I realize that as far as car accidents go, this doesn’t look all that bad, but when your child is in said car, this looks pretty scary. I couldn’t believe the damage when I saw it, and I’m still amazed at the fact that Zoe saw this and then still decided to go on to work! And, not only go to work and then drive back home, but she didn’t even get pulled over! I mean, the driver side headlight is only pointing up to the sky! Crazy!

I am just so happy that she walked away from this unharmed. The other driver was fine also, and Zoe said there was no damage to their car at all. What happened is the light turned green and as Zoe started to go, the guy ahead, for some unknown reason, slammed on his brakes and she couldn’t stop fast enough. So, she rear ended him and of course, this is her fault…and as much as it sucks, I’m just eternally grateful that she’s ok.

PS: I did tell Zoe that if she should ever be in trouble again, any sort of trouble in which she was not hurt, she is to call me, or if she can’t do that, at least start a text this way “I’m not hurt, but” and then explain to me what’s going on. There is just nothing worse that getting a text that says nothing more than “Mom”. It’s just way too much to bear to have to sit and wonder what the hell is going on.

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