Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday, Monday

I know today is a holiday for many, but for me, it’s just another day of work, work, work. One downfall to being a stay-at-home mom is there is never a day off. Even with having a nice scrapbooking retreat two weekends ago I’m feeling overwhelmed and overtired. I guess it could be a combination of an endless list of things to do/pregnancy/toddlers-teens and a stupid cold that won’t quit, but I’m soooo in need of a vacation! I'm already longing for our spring break trip!

This past weekend was filled with shopping, shopping and more shopping. Landon and Harper have decided that they no longer want to fit their clothes (the nerve of them to grow!)and they both needed an entire new wardrobe. The biggest problem with them outgrowing their clothes right now is that winter clothes are now hard to find. I mean, if we were heading out for a cruise and needed bathing suits, no problem, but long sleeve shirts? Forget it! I ended up getting some good deals on clearance, and what they got will suffice, but it wasn’t easy.

I also finally ruined the last pair of non-maternity jeans I had, so I too needed some clothes. I swear I wear my jeans until they are just falling apart.I was hoping I could get away with that last pair until I was forced to wear maternity clothes, but as fate would have it, their final day had arrived. I’m not going to wear maternity clothes any longer than I have to either because once I get to that 9 month mark I am sick to death of wearing pants that practically reach my neck.

As if that weren’t enough shopping, I then decided that this was the weekend to go prom dress shopping. I promised myself I’d get to it much earlier than I did last year (March) and so off Zoe and I went. We decided to start with the mall, although I was pretty sure we weren’t going to find much. We stopped at Macy’s, Nordstrom's, some shop with a million gaudy dresses, and then Lord and Taylors. We found a couple we liked, but there was one at Lord and Taylors that I just thought fit her like a charm. It’s a beautiful navy blue gown with just the right touches of bling. Nothing eccentric or overwhelming. It could be described as elegant…in my opinion! I could see her wearing this to another event in her future too, and that makes me even more happy about the dress choice. She’s not so positive she loves it as much as I do, mostly because she felt like we didn’t shop enough stores, but I felt like why keep looking when you’ve found THE dress?

Well, I’m off to get my haircut, then it’ll be time to get everybody back into school mode for the rest of the week…which includes 4 half days and then another two days off. I wonder why my kids even have school in January at this point.

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