Friday, January 27, 2012

Five on Friday

  • I had my monthly check-up today, and all is well in baby land. The baby’s heartbeat sounded strong and regular, just like it should sound. The sound of a tiny beating heart is still so comforting since I still don’t feel much movement…but, just this week, I have started to feel some moving around, and that’s exciting!
  • Landon went to the orthodontist yesterday and since he’s been so great about wearing his retainer (all day, every day) since getting it, he was told he only had to wear it at night from now on. It was strange for him to not have to wear it today, and he kept checking his pockets and all over the house for it…and then he’d remember he left it in his case upstairs. Now, I just hope he’ll remember to put it in at night time!
  • Harper has really started to try to talk lately. He’s saying more and more words…one of them being “more”. He says that the most. He also says: ice, mama, gaga (dada), on, off, up, moo (when he sees a cow) baa (for a sheep), mama (for mema), ball and he makes a spitting type sound when asked what noise an elephant makes. He’s trying to copy what his daddy does, but it comes out as a spit…it’s still really cute!
  • Two big events for Zoe this week…First, she got an acceptance letter from Towson University! That is her second acceptance letter and we’re still waiting to hear from two other schools, one being her #1 choice, Maryland. We’re anxious for the news, but I am very proud that she’s already got the green light from two of the schools she applied to. Second, Zoe participated in this years Polar Bear Plunge today. The bigger event is tomorrow, but today’s event was for all the local schools. Zoe said it was crazy and cold, but she had a good time and said she’d definitely do it again. Here’s a picture of her all gussied up for the event:                                                           032
  • Tony came home from work today with a dozen beautiful red roses, and it isn’t even Valentine’s Day or our anniversary or anything. He did it just because…and it was a wonderful surprise and great kick off to our weekend!

Enjoy your weekend!

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