Tuesday, January 24, 2012

School’s Out…

Today my kids were off school again so we decided to hit the mall for a little shopping and some lunch. I had to drag everybody out of bed at 9am because I have to make sure to be back home by noon so that Harper can nap. (I’m not one of those easy going mom’s who just let their kid sleep in the stroller…I gotta get that boy in his bed at home so he’ll sleep for a couple hours! I need it as much as he does, maybe more!)

I had a JC Penny’s gift card burning a hole through my wallet so I decided it was time to replace the shower curtain and rug in the kids’ bathroom. I’m not sure how long I’ve had the same curtain and rug, but I’m thinking at least 8 years!! I was just sick of looking at them and the rug was starting to fray, so I felt like it was time!

I was surprised that they really didn’t have much of a selection in the store, but luckily I found one that I liked. I ended up getting this one, in case your just dying to know!

After I found a rug to match we headed to the little kid play area for Harper to run around. He just loves playing in those things, and I figure it helps him burn some energy. Landon helped me watch him in the play area while Zoe went to Sephora and spent over $20 on 2 glitter eye liners. Landon was all business when it came to watching Harper in the play area too. He kept reminding me to be careful and to make sure Harper didn’t stay on one piece of equipment too long because other kids might want a turn. I’m so lucky he was there to keep me in line!

We ended up leaving the mall just before noon and Harper made it until we pulled into our neighborhood before falling asleep. I had to wake him up to change his diaper and then put him back to bed and the guy was so tired he went right to sleep. Thank goodness!

The kids will be going back to school tomorrow and  Harper and I will be able to get back to our daily routine. I’ve become such a creature of habit these days! I don’t know if that’s really how I’ve always been or just another sign of getting older, but I sure do like to keep a schedule.

This afternoon I’ve been working on a new seasonal frame for inside my doorway (I’ve had my fall one up forever!!) and hope to have a picture of it tomorrow. I’m not sure if I love it, but it’s a done deal for now because I just don’t have time to worry about it! On to the next project…

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