Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Conversation with Myself

Here is a bit of a conversation Zoe and I had today when she got home from school. (She has headphones in and I’ve just gotten a notification on my phone that it’s now my turn to play in a game that she and I are playing.)

Zoe: Hi, Mom.

Me: Hi, Zoe. How are you?

Zoe: No answer….

Me: Hi, Zoe…how are you?

Zoe: No answer…

Me: (looking at her so she knows I’m attempting to talk to her) (she’s rifling through the mail and walking towards me, but cannot hear me because of the music she’s listening to.) Um, did you play that game as you were walking home from the bus? I just got a notifi-

Zoe: Huh? What? What did you say? I couldn’t hear you. (As she’s removing one of the earbuds…that way she can half listen to me and half keep up with that very important song.)

Me: Were you walking home and taking your turn on that game? I just got a notification that it’s my turn.

Zoe: Oh, haha, no, I played it on the bus. (As she runs to the restroom.)

Me: (A few minutes after she comes out of the bathroom.) How was your day?

Zoe: It was okay.

Me: I heard we may get some snow on Saturday. Maybe it’ll actually be a good amount this time.

Zoe: Really? Snow? (As she’s texting someone and listening to her music.) I got a B on my Spanish test today. I got a 10 out of 20, but in IB that equals a B. (Still one earbud in, one out.)

Me: Really? Normally that would be failing, right?

Zoe: Yeah, but not in IB. It was super hard and the highest grade that I know of was a 12.

Me: Wow. That was either a really hard test or one you didn’t study for.

Zoe: Mom, you can’t study for this kind of test. Trust me, there is no studying.

Me: Oh.

Zoe: I had to have my coffee black today. Eww.

Me: Why?

Zoe: Because it wasn’t as good.

Me: Huh? No, why did you have to have it black?

Zoe: Oh, because they ran out of sugar…

Me: Already? You’ve only had that new machine for a week and they’re already out of sugar? (This conversation goes on for another minute or two, and then she walks into the kitchen for her daily glass of milk.) From the kitchen she yells: “Hey Mom, it’s supposed to snow on Saturday!”

Me: Seriously, Zoe? (In a sarcastic tone.)

Zoe: What?

Me: I just told you that.

Zoe: You did? Well, I didn’t hear you.

If you’re asking yourself why I felt the need to blog this, it’s because I want to remember what it’s like to talk to myself…you know, in case someone ever starts listening.

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