Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Due Date, Schmoo Date

Yesterday was my monthly visit to the OB. There really isn’t a whole lot to tell about my appointment as it was only about 30 seconds long (enough to make sure the baby’s heart beat was beating loud and clear).

I did ask about my due date though. My insurance doesn’t cover ultrasounds done in my doctors office so I have to go to an external facility to have that done. When I go to my regular OB, they tell me my due date is July 11th. That date is based off of the date of my last period. When I go to the other office for a sono, they always say July 2nd. I know that isn’t really far apart, but when you’re 9 months pregnant and it’s hot as hell outside, every day counts! So, I asked my doctor which day I should be using as my due date, and she said the most accurate date is actually the 11th because it is based on my menstrual cycle…

Ok, so my date is the 11th, not the 2nd. Why am I bummed about this? Probably because it’s just further into the summer and the further in, the hotter. Also because I was kinda hoping it’d be closer to June since Landon’s birthday is the 10th of July.  Oh well, maybe I’ll get lucky and she’ll decide to come on out on the 1st or 2nd anyways!

Like I said, nothing much to report this month. I do feel quite a bit more movement these days but I’m still able to sleep on my stomach and I am loving that for as long as possible!

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