Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Review

Our weekend was a blur. It all happened so quickly, I can hardly remember any of it. Here’s what I remember:

Friday afternoon the doctor called and said Zoe did indeed have strep throat. I was relieved to know that we’d finally be getting some meds to help her feel better, and by Saturday morning, she was almost good as new. She managed to find someone to trade shifts with her and she went to work Saturday at 3pm, 24 hours after she started the meds. She was so happy to get out of the house! She also had her 6 month evaluation at work that night and she got an awesome review!! She was very proud, and so am I.

Saturday we did a little bit of this and that with nothing too special coming to mind. We did go and see my mother-in-laws finished kitchen and it looks really good! The guys who worked on it did a great job and she is very happy with the outcome. We ended up picking up some fried chicken for dinner, then headed home for the night. It was just a lazy non-memorable day, really.

Sunday was much busier. We got up and were out of the house by 9:30am to hit the baby store for some much needed shopping. Harper has chosen now to have a growth spurt and he just doesn’t realize how inconvenient it is. All the stores are putting out their spring/summer clothes and long pants and shirts are hard to find. (I’ve had this same issue with Landon lately!) I did score a few pants on clearance, but there just wasn’t much to choose from. I ended up buying myself a pair of maternity jeans that I desperately needed, but realized today when I put them on that I bought “long” jeans…so, of course, instead of returning them, I just rolled them up 45 times. They’re just going to have to do until spring because maternity clothes is just stupid expensive. (And, for the record, I now have 2 pairs of maternity jeans and 3 long sleeve maternity shirts. Everything else I own is spring/summer…now if spring would just go ahead and get here!)

Landon had soccer practice from 1-4pm on Sunday, as usual, then one of the kids on his soccer team had a birthday party at the sports plex. It was basically a soccer scrimmage for the kids and parents who wanted to play. Landon had a great time and enjoyed playing around with the kids on his team outside of practive. Harper had a good time running around kicking soccer balls the whole time and Tony and I split our time chasing Harper and watching the scrimmage.

Harper entertaining himself at the b-day party.


Landon playing in the b-day scrimmage.


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