Friday, February 3, 2012

Five on Friday

  • Today I am working on this little cross-stitch project I came across here. I’m using the same colors she did, but I have 5 hearts instead of 4…I love the ombre effect.
  • Today, Harper and I headed down to the basement to play with the trains, but instead ended up pulling down lots of board games that he’s much too young for. IMG_1012
  • Today, I realized that I never blogged about Zoe’s weight lifter. She made him in her 3-D art class, and while it isn’t her best work, it’s still pretty good for her first time. I know I couldn’t do that! IMG_1015
  • Today, the fifth graders went on a field trip to the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. He told me he’d rather stay at school and do work than go listen to instruments, but I sent him on his way anyways. I tried to explain that the people playing those instruments were exceptional at what they did, even if we found it boring to watch…but, I completely sympathize with him…and didn’t bother to sign up to chaperone on this field trip!
  • Tonight we are headed out to the skating rink for a school fundraiser. Landon has been dying to go skating and this is the perfect opportunity to let him get out there and skate his little heart out! I sure hope he has fun, and I’ve got to remember to make more of an effort to get him out to do this kind of thing. I know the desire to go skating doesn’t last forever…gotta let him enjoy it while he’s little!

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