Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oops…it’s Thursday

Ummm….so, it isn’t Wednesday…I guess I lost a day somewhere because I thought it was Wednesday all day long! So, instead of just leaving up a day late Wordless Wednesday post, I guess I’ll write a little something!

I probably can’t keep my days straight because of all the craziness going on around here. There hasn’t been anything too major, but life hasn’t been calm this week.

First, Zoe found out that University of Maryland was releasing their decisions either Jan 30th or 31st, so she and I were a ball of nerves waiting on the results of that…and I’m thrilled to announce that she was accepted! That means that she was accepted to every school she applied to and now the ball is officially in her court. (Although she was accepted to UofM, she was deferred till Spring semester because of housing issues. Either way, she was accepted and that’s all that matters.)

Second, Landon had an issue with another kid on his school bus. Long story short, one kid took another kids property, Landon tried to help retrieve said property, one kid gets mad and punches Landon in the face. On the bus. While the driver pretended not to notice. As Landon got off the bus, he informed the driver, but the next morning she hadn’t done anything about it. I then decided I had to call the school to get something to happen…and the principal and I talked and she assured me that action would be taken and the driver would be told to move the bully kid away from Landon. The very next morning, the bully kid was still in his normal spot on the bus and Landon had to tell the principal that nothing had happened…and that’s when the principal got on the bus and told the driver she had to move the boy. I’m interested to see what happens tomorrow morning…I’m pretty much thinking our bus driver is a loser…and if she doesn’t get her crap together I’m going to have to call transportation and the school board. Whatever it takes to make sure Landon is safe on the bus is what I’ll do.

We’ve also had doctors appointments, warm weather and lazy evenings lounging around doing nothing. I guess we really haven’t been all that busy after all, but it sure does seem like the week flew by!

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