Friday, February 24, 2012

Five on Friday

  1. My poor Zoe has been home sick from school the past 3 days. I took her to the doctor yesterday after she started running a fever, and they did a throat culture for strep. The rapid test came back negative, but I just got a call that the regular test came back positive. So happy we can finally get this treated so that she’ll start feeling better.
  2. Today is my Mom’s birthday. I won’t say how old she is because she may not appreciate that, but if you know her, make sure you wish her a happy day! She certainly deserves it! Love you, Mom!
  3. It is a dreary, rainy day here today but the forecasters kept saying it was going to be in the 70’s, so I thought it might not be so bad…well, it’s nearly 2pm and only 48 degrees out. I’m thinking we won’t be getting into the 70’s today.
  4. Landon had his middle school orientation this past week and I was dreading it. Every time I think about Zoe going to college or Landon going to middle school, I get so depressed. Luckily, though, the orientation was incredibly boring and any tears shed were out of complete and utter boredom. It’s hard being sentimental about your kids growing up when the PTA lady is up there asking for money for the first 15 minutes of the meeting! The entire thing lasted about an hour with the last 10 minutes or so being a self guided tour of the school. Lanny will be just one of 600+ kids in his school next year, and I’m just glad he’s going and not me because I was completely lost in there!
  5. I don’t have anything else to say today, so I’ll leave you with this video of the boys being silly. Please don’t pay any attention to the couch cushions all over the floor in the library! :)

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