Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Monster Golf

I bought some mini-golf tickets quite awhile ago from Living Social and we finally went to redeem them yesterday…the same day they expired! Every time we would plan to go, something would happen. We were trying to find a day that all of us could go, including Zoe, but that proved impossible. I never realized how busy we all were all the time until I tried to plan a simple trip to the mini-golf course!

Anyways, this mini-golf place is kind of unique because it’s indoor’s and everything glows in the dark. Other than that, it’s really pretty much the same as any golf experience, but it was fun nonetheless.

I got a few fun pictures, but many of them were blurry. Probably because I was way more busy chasing Harper around and keeping him busy than I thought I’d be when I dragged the camera inside…he loved throwing the balls and chasing after them, so of course, Tony and I spent a lot of our time chasing him chasing the balls. Smile







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