Monday, March 12, 2012

19 Months


  • At 19 months old, this dude is NOT a baby. He is wildly independent and knows what he wants…and he isn’t afraid to wag his finger in your face and tell you “mo-mo” if your ticking him off.
  • He loves to sit and mess with my iPhone or iPad any chance he gets and is able to flip through the screens in order to get to what he wants. His absolutely loves to watch videos that I’ve taken on either device, but mostly enjoys watching himself.


  • One of his favorite things to do outside is jump on the trampoline. Today he played on there for nearly an hour and I had to finally tell him he was finished…and he cried until we got inside and he realized how dead tired he was. He jumps, spins, crawls and lies on his back to watch the airplanes go by. And his hair stands straight up with all the static electricity!
  • We have a small slide in our back yard and he will go up the steps and down the slide dozens of times without getting tired. He loves to climb through all the little openings and scare the crap out of me trying to maneuver his feet to get down the slide or steps.


  • He still likes to read books every day, and has his favorites. He likes when I ask him where things are in the pictures of his books and is rarely stumped.
  • He also likes to do his puzzles on a daily basis. He dumps them all out and puts them all back, sometimes several times a day. He can’t quite get the pieces in their spots, but he knows each one and knows where they go. He just doesn’t have the patience to move them around until they fit.


  • I think his favorite person in the house is Landon. He just can’t get enough of his attention and says his name clear as a bell. He mimic’s everything he sees his big brother do, and is always happy to see him get off the school bus in the afternoon. Don’t get me wrong, he loves his sss-sss (sissy) too, but there’s just nothing better than a 10 year old brother that plays with you and acts crazy to get you to laugh!
  • Harper’s last sign of baby-hood would have to be his binky. He just loves that thing. When he isn’t sick he only gets the binky during nap and bedtime. He doesn’t really ask for it any other time, unless he happens to see it. I try to take it first thing in the morning and put it where he won’t see it, and so far he’s done great. Soon enough he won’t need it anymore, but I’m not in a great big hurry. He still drags his blanket(s) around with him and only wants to sleep with his special two. I’m fine with that also. It’s sweet that he’s so attached to those blankie’s and I love how his face lights up when he’s ready for sleep and sees his blanket by his bed.

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