Friday, March 16, 2012

Five on Friday

  • I’ve written about how great our weather was all week, but today it came to a screeching halt. That warm 70+ weather is gone for now as it hovered in the mid 50’s today. It sucked. I’m hoping those warm temps don’t stay gone too long because we were certainly enjoying all that outside time.
  • Harper and I were able to get out everyday this week, and we spent much of our time at parks in the area. We went to “duck pond” park, “airplane park” and Crofton park and I think he enjoyed every second at each one. I’d like to get all the kids out to a park sometime for a picnic, it’s been a long time since we’ve done something like that.
  • I sorted through all of Harper’s baby clothes this week and took all of his spring/summer clothes to Once Upon a Child to see if they would buy any of it. They did buy 55 pieces, and I got $54.15 for what they took. I was happy with that but couldn’t believe how much was left over when I went to pick it up! Instead of bringing it home to figure out what to do with it, I took it straight to Goodwill. Hopefully someone who needs it will get it because everything in the boxes was in excellent condition. I actually hated getting rid of it like that, but my house just isn’t big enough to keep everything…
  • We all went to Zoe’s soccer game tonight and it certainly was an interesting game. Many of the girls on Zoe’s team are on a school field trip to NYC, so they only had 4 girls show up to play. The team they played came ready to win, and a few of the girls on that team also play for Zoe’s high school team, so they knew each other. The coach on the other team had one of his girls play with ours to even out the numbers, but she was useless and actually cried because she didn’t want to play on our team. I didn’t think it was a good idea in the first place because who wants to be against their own team, but to cry about it? Really. Anyways, the game went horribly for us, and the end score reflected our shortage of team members. At one point during the game one of their girls was getting cocky and pushy and allegedly pulled one of our girls’ hair, and our girl flat out took her down on the floor and started punching her. It was crazy. Then one of the other girls team mates took it upon herself to help her and ended up getting her butt kicked by our player too. It wasn’t pretty and tensions were pretty high in the soccer dome after that. There were some boys getting ready to play their game after ours and they were LOVING every second of it! They said even if we lost the game, our girl certainly won the fight. I swear.
  • Landon was voted student of the week and got the very special privilege of sitting up on the stage with a friend for lunchtime. He said it was a little awkward sitting up there while everyone else was down at the tables, but I think he enjoyed it. He also came home with a certificate for a free kids meal at Applebee’s, so I suppose we’ll be visiting them soon. I’m so proud of him for being student of the week and I just hope he’ll continue to be such a stellar student next year in middle school!

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