Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Know It’s April, but…

I’ve had a stack of Christmas cards sitting on my desk ever since I took them all down right after Christmas. I’ve known what I was going to do with them after finding a cool idea on Pinterest, but have just been too lazy to actually do it.

Until today. I was able to get the whole thing done in about 30 minutes and am really happy with the results! Here’s how it went down…

Whenever I get cards in the mail that include loose photos, I immediately tape the photo inside the card. That way, when it comes time to do something with the cards, I’ve still got that years photo with the card. I just left the photo’s taped inside the cards and made sure not to punch holes through anyone’s faces.



The only thing that really took any time (more than 30 seconds) was cutting and creating the cover. I found some thin cardboard and cut it just slightly larger than the largest card. I then found some pretty paper, a few stickers and called it done. I didn’t have 2 of the same size rings to bind the book together so I just used some ribbon through the holes.


Here’s the inside of the book. All the cards are in there, no matter what size or type and it’s nice to be able to look back on each years sentiments.


PS: The original idea came from this site, but, like I said, I pinned it to my Christmas board on Pinterest.

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