Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pictures in the Park

Everyone was pretty worn out from the waterpark on Monday, so Tuesday we all got up late. Again. My sister’s friend Mary drove up from DC to visit, so she wanted to take her and her daughter up to the top of the mountain to see the view. At first it was going to just be them, but somehow everyone ended up going. Everyone but Tony, Harper and I that is!

We did something (I can’t remember what!!) and then ended up at the deli for lunch. We ate and then went out Woodstone park. I guess everyone worked up an appetite climbing the mountain because they too found their way to the deli for lunch. They met us at the park where the kids played for a good half hour or so before LaTisha’s friend had to head home.

Harper on the bouncy car.


Landon doing some rock climbing. :)


While the kids were running around I decided to get some pictures. First up, Tony and Zoe.


Then Jaron and his Momma.


Then the four of them.


Next up was Tisha and her friend Mary.


And then, the three big cousins.


And then, for some reason, I allowed someone to take a picture of me and Tony together.


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