Monday, April 9, 2012

Glass Etching and Mini Golfing

I hate to go to Massanutten and not take at least one of their many craft classes. They offer a lot of different kinds of classes, but one we enjoy every time is glass etching.

Landon, my mom, Jaron, Zoe, Kyle and myself decided to etch this year.


In order to actually keep up with the class and finish, I wasn’t able to take many pictures. Here are a two that I did manage though…



Later in the afternoon, Tony and I took the two younger boys to play mini-golf. (The older kids and Papa went to the gym. Again.)

Harper was kind of crazy the whole time we were there. He just wanted to chase after the balls as we hit them and throw them in the water…it ended up being more a game of catch Harper than mini-golf!





After spending the majority of my time chasing H around, I thought I’d just try to golf while holding him. It wasn’t easy…


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