Saturday, April 28, 2012


I’m really tired tonight, so just a quick recap of the day.

After a not so great sleep last night, Harper decided to wake up bright and early this morning (6:15) and it took everything I had to get out of bed and get him. He was his usual happy self though, and his happy is always infectious so I wasn’t upset, just tired. He sat in the bathroom playing with my iPad while I showered and after that we were up and going as usual.

Zoe was up early because she had to be at work at 9 this morning and I coaxed Landon out of bed around 8am so that we could go out for donuts this morning. Landon loves donuts and I thought Harper might like them too, but as it turns out, Harper doesn’t seem to care for them at all. Who knew? I made sure to get plenty so that Zoe and Landon could have some tomorrow as well…and maybe Harper will give them a try tomorrow.

After our breakfast we came back home to hang out until Landon’s 2pm soccer game. Landon played all kinds of computer games while Harper and I took it upon ourselves to thoroughly dust Landon’s room. It was quite a chore and I’m so glad it’s done.

We left the house around 12:45 to head out for Landon’s game, and since we made it to Columbia so quickly, I made a pit stop at the soccer store to get Landon a goalie jersey. I’ve been looking everywhere for one but since it’s not really soccer season, they’re hard to come by. We ended up getting a nice light blue one, but the coaches aren’t happy with it because even though it’s a light blue it’s still blue, his team color. So, I guess we’ll probably have to get another one, but it’s not going to be anytime soon since they run about $35-$45 per jersey!

Harper took his nap on the way out to the game and when we got there he was still sound asleep so I let him sleep until the last minute before waking him. There was a nice park for him to play at and from the park I could kind of keep an eye on the game, but I couldn’t tell exactly what was happening. Landon played keeper for the second half of the game and while it wasn’t his best game, his team still managed their first win of the season with a 4-2 score.

When we got back home the boys played hide and seek and Landon built Harper a fort on the dining room table while I took a minute to sit before starting dinner. I made a real dinner tonight (chicken pot pie) and couldn’t help but think how much I appreciate that Tony makes dinner. It is one aspect of our relationship that I try to remember to never take for granted.

For some reason, Harper decided that he didn’t want to eat dinner and only wanted to eat ice cream. He absolutely refused dinner, and kept repeating “ice sheem” until finally I decided a bowl of cheerio’s would suffice for dinner and that if he ate that, I’d give him some ice cream. He was delighted with himself. Smile I told him he wouldn’t be able to pull that crap when dad got back home, haha, as if dad has any more of a strong will than I do when it comes to that little turkey.

Once dinner was done and cleaned up it was time to get Harps in the bath and bed. Tony and I figured out how to use Google+ so we could “hangout” and it was kinda funny because it’s weird to talk to someone and see them through the computer. I don’t know why, but it’s just easier to chat when the person can’t see how awkward you’re acting. LOL!

Well, it’s late and I’ve gotta get in bed in case Harper decides I need to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow. Goodnight, all.

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