Friday, April 27, 2012

Single Mom, Take 2

We survived our first day home without dad, and are well into day 2 now. Nothing is really different during the day while everyone is gone to school (and Tony would be at work) and things are pretty ho hum for Harper and I.

I didn’t feel like dragging him all over today so we just hung out at home playing toys and passing time. It’s chilly outside again today, barely 50 degrees, but we did get out for a walk down to the park.



Harper loves the slides at parks right now. He always wants to slide before doing anything else. Once he’s gone down the slide a zillion times, it’s usually time to pick flowers.


I had to coax him out of the park today by telling him we’d walk and look for doggies and kitties. He reluctantly left the park in search of the doggies and kitties and ended up seeing something much cooler.




He was over the moon excited to see that turtle. I told him he could get out to see the turtle a little closer but that he couldn’t touch it. He never even attempted to touch it, and I’m sure that scared little turtle was thankful for that. Harper noticed that as we got close the turtle put it’s head and front feet in it’s shell and he looked at me like he didn’t understand. I explained that the turtle was scared and hiding in his shell. I then told him that if we were quiet and he got back in his stroller away from the turtle, the turtle might stick his head back out. No sooner was he back in his stroller (shushing me) and that turtle stuck his head back out, and Harper definitely noticed because he said “head”! All the way home he was telling me “more, more” and when I told him to look for more he’d say “hide”. He was all about that turtle until we got closer to home and he remembered we were supposed to be looking for doggies and kitties and then he was back on the hunt.

We never did see a dog or cat outside today, but he was starving when we got home. He ate his lunch and then told me “night-night”.  So, we headed upstairs and read a few books and he’s been asleep since.

Tonight we are planning to go to an art fair at Landon’s school and then out to dinner. Other than that, our Friday night is going to be pretty quiet…

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