Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Break, Days 1 and 2

We spent last week at our home away from home, Massanutten resort in VA. This is the first time we’ve spent spring break at the resort, and it was a nice little getaway, especially since my parents, sister, brother and nephew were also able to make the trip. We were so busy all week that I just didn’t have the time or energy to blog at night so I’ve got lots of pictures to share and blogs to write.

We got to the resort on Friday (3/30) around 5pm. We left as soon as the kids were both home off the bus, and we made it out there in about 3 hours. We kept Harper up so that he could nap in the car on the way and it was a such a nice quiet ride with him sleeping and the other kids watching movies in the back! After checking in and unloading the van, we grabbed a quick dinner at the deli then made a quick run to Food Lion for a few essentials. Once we got back we had to sort out everyone’s things and then we just hung out in the room and waited for my parents and Jaron to show up.

Little did we know that waiting on them to show up would mean waiting until midnight! We were so darn tired by the time they got there that we ended up helping them drag in their stuff and then collapsing in bed for the night.

We all got up pretty slowly on Saturday, and we were busy all day long. We had to go into Harrisonburg to get some groceries for the week, and that is never fun; especially on vacation! We ate lunch at O’Charley’s and then while Mom and I hit Costco’s, everyone else headed back to the room so that Harper could nap and Papa (my dad) could take the other kids to do something.

When we got back from shopping Tony and I took the boys to the park to burn off some energy while my dad and the other two kids went to the gym. Mom said she wasn’t feeling great and ended up staying in the room waiting on my sister, her husband and my brother to show up. They ended up getting to the resort around 6pm, and then we just hung around catching up with everyone and letting Harper get to know everyone.

Here’s some pictures from the park:

Monkey Bars for the Monkey


Making His Way Over To The Stream


Playing “Don’t Touch The Ground”




Preparing To Jump


Crossing The Stream


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