Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Afternoon (4-1)

Once Harper woke up from his nap, we took him to the indoor pool at Le Club. Everyone else was at the gym or relaxing back at the room. Harper hasn’t really been in the pool since last summer, so I knew it would all be new to him again.

He wasn’t too sure about the whole thing at first, but once Tony got in, he was ready.


Man, I hate that this one is blurry!


This one too.


After a little moping (because he wasn’t old enough to go to the gym with the older kids), Landon decided to join Tony and Harps in the pool.



Harper couldn’t figure out what Landon’s goggles were all about. He tried to pull them off of his eyes a few times.


Swimming didn’t last too long though because Harper ended up having a poop right there at the pool. He wasn’t in the water (thank goodness!) but he just stood on the side and did his business. The only problem was that I’d accidentally left the diaper bag back in our room with all the diapers and wipes in it. (I did have a couple water diapers, just nothing for once we were done swimming.) So…after some improvising in the dressing room with toilet paper and the showers, I raced back to the room to get the diaper bag. And, of course, once I got back, everyone was done swimming. Isn’t that just how it goes? I didn’t even get any pictures of Zoe and Jaron in the pool because I was so tired from running back and forth! They must keep the pool area a balmy 4 million degrees too, because it was hot as hell in there and I was in no rush to get back there to sit and sweat!

Once we finally left the pool, we made our way back to the room in time to make dinner and take our turns showering. We had a big spaghetti dinner and then decided it was time to hit the go carts.





Aunt TT




Uncle Kyky






It was Landon’s first time being old enough to drive himself. He just made the 56” cut off and as excited as he was to drive, his face said he was also a little nervous. He was questioned a couple of times about his height and then his seatbelt wouldn’t cooperate, so by the time he was behind the wheel he was a little nervous.

Once they sounded the horn though, he was off…very slowly! At the beginning, while everyone leaves the inside track, they keep everyone’s speed down, then once everyone is out, they let you go faster. Landon didn’t know any of that and thought he was going to be going at a crawl the entire time!

Landon ended up in last place with everyone fighting to get around him, but he held his ground and didn’t let a single person pass him in the end! I don’t even know who won, but they all seemed to have a good time!

When we got back to our room someone suggested we play Luck of the Draw. We got Harper in bed and then we laughed our butts off drawing silly pictures and then voting on them to see whose was “the sharpest” or “smallest” or whatever. I think Jaron ended up winning, but I know we all had a blast playing!



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