Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday, Part 2

Well, Tony has made it down to Mobile, Alabama and is at his hotel as I type. I’m guessing his trip down was pretty uneventful as he made it within the timeframe that he thought he would, and I never got a call saying “you’ll never believe this shit”…

As for us, our day went as usual. Harper got up from his nap happy as can be and we walked down to meet Landon at the bus stop. The first thing Landon said as he walked up to me was “It’s going to be so weird to not see dad today.” I told him I agreed, but that we were going to be just fine. Then he said, “well, it’s probably going to be a little weird today, but a lot weirder tomorrow” and I couldn’t help but think how right he was about that.

Moving on…we spent the afternoon jumping on the trampoline, kicking a ball around the front yard, getting homework finished, refilling the bird feeders, and just keeping busy in general. Landon was sweet and happily played with Harper for awhile and I got to just sit on the steps and relax.

Around 5pm, I figured I’d better get in the house and make dinner. Tony is the cook in our house and I was really worried about what I’d be making while he was away. Tonight’s dinner was like a dream come true for Landon. I made pigs in a blanket, peas and macaroni and cheese. He was in heaven. Harper loved it too. I had cereal a little bit ago though because I a) wasn’t hungry when they ate and b) couldn’t stomach the hotdog smell.

After dinner was the usual, too. Clean up the dinner mess, play till 7pm and then get Harps in the tub and ready for bed. Landon spent time playing computer games and Zoe was at school the entire afternoon for a History study session and then an IB exam meeting.

In short, our day was pretty typical except that da-da wasn’t here. I think Landon is the one who is most worried about dad not being here, while Harper is just so young that he just accepts whatever is happening and goes about his baby business. Zoe, of course, understands but is a little too old to be real concerned about it.

As for me, well, I just hope these days fly by because I hate not having my best friend around to talk to.

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