Wednesday, May 30, 2012

BARE book

Tuesday morning, Tony, Zoe, Harper and I attended Landon’s last BARE book reading.


(BARE books are empty books that the kids write and illustrate each year through elementary school. Each year there is a topic or theme and that they must stick to, and at the end of the year, each grade has an “authors tea” where the families are invited in to hear the books.)

This year’s book was based on the Oregon trail. Each child was placed in a “family” group where there was a mom, dad and children and then they came up with a story to tell about their adventures. The books were terrific (as usual) and some of the story made us crack up laughing. Landon was the father in his group and he was married with 4 kids!

I loved hearing the kids read their stories and we were amazed at how great some of the illustrations were. Landon isn’t big on drawing, but his story was excellent. I could tell he’d worked really hard on it, and he was very proud of his book.


He was a little embarrassed that I kept taking pictures of him! Can you believe that?!!

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