Wednesday, May 30, 2012

BBQ and Swimming

Our holiday weekend wouldn’t have been complete without attending at least one barbecue. Lucky for us, Tony’s brother Chris invited us all over to his house for some food and swimming.

First up, was the swimming.

Zoe got herself a new bathing suit…I think it is so adorable!


I don’t think Lea could have looked any cuter with her sunglasses and hat!


After spending the past couple days in the water, Harper was more interested in Lea’s sunglasses than the pool.


Tony ended up grabbing Landon a few times and tossing him into the pool. Landon absolutely loved it!



After about an hour or so out in the pool, Harper was done. We headed inside and he just couldn’t wait to play with all of Lea’s toys! He especially loved playing with her kitchen set, and I couldn’t stand how absolutely sweet he was playing all by himself. I just watched him play while we all ate dinner, and he was as happy as a clam.


When Lea finished eating she joined him in the kitchen and showed him how things worked. He was happy to observe.


We ended up staying pretty late that evening (for Harper especially) but it was really nice getting to see everyone and just hang out. I hope that much of our summer will be spent just lounging around enjoying good food and better company!

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