Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Eliminating the Brass

I’ve been wanting to replace all the brass light fixtures in our house since the first moment I saw them. We’ve replaced a little here and there, but we hadn’t gotten to our hallways and kitchen, and they really needed help. So, the contractor we hired to finish our basement gave me an estimate I couldn’t refuse on the lights, and he started the job today. We’ve replaced 6 brass/glass fixtures with recessed lights, as well as added 5 new recessed lights to the kitchen area.

What. A. Difference.

After the first light was installed I realized that the covers on the new lights were different than the old, so I mentioned it to our contractor and he said he’d just go pick up some covers so that they’d all match. Phew. The new ones made the old ones look really old and dirty, even though they really aren’t dirty they’re just an almond color and not white.

He also removed an old ugly “chandelier” type fixture from the kitchen and then asked me if I wanted him to patch it or just put in another light. After looking at it I decided to just go ahead and add another light, so now our kitchen has 10 recessed lights instead of 5 and an ugly brass thing.

I’m tickled with the way it’s all turning out and can’t wait to see what they come in and get accomplished tomorrow! I think they plan to mud the ceiling and get it ready to paint and also plan to start painting what will remain unfinished area (storage) in the basement. He’s going to paint the concrete so that it isn’t as dusty down there, and then sometime next week they’ll be back to start the actual construction of the basement rooms.

I can’t wait!

Maybe I’ll even get some pictures tomorrow, but I figured recessed lights aren’t really all that exciting to look at…

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