Monday, May 21, 2012

Soggy Monday

It’s been raining here all day today. It’s just a soft drizzle, the kind that makes you want to lie in bed all day, doing nothing…unless, of course, you have a toddler who needs to be going, going, going all day!

For some reason Harper was up early today (6:15am) and was ready to get moving straight away. I had him sit in the bathroom on the floor playing my iPad while I took my shower. The days of him in the shower with me are long gone…it’s just too much work!

Once we were all dressed and got Landon on the bus, we broke out the toys. He pulled out his pirate ship, something he’s just taken interest in as of yesterday, and we played pirates for about 45 minutes. At first, I was doing most of the playing while he observed what I did with the toys. I’d have the pirates talk to each other or have the alligator try to eat the treasure and before I knew it, he was down there with me having different animals steal treasure. He learns so much watching what we do, and he really catches on quickly. We talked about which animals would live in the sea and which ones would stay on shore and used the cannon to shoot the blocks floating in the water. It amazes me how long he’ll sit and listen to me talk! :)

At some point Harper found a cup in his toy basket and got the idea he wanted to put water in it. I don’t know why he thought of it, but once it was in his mind, he wouldn’t let it go. So, I decided letting him play in the water wouldn’t kill me and I pulled out some towels and a bucket on the kitchen floor and let him have at it. He filled his cups and bowls with measuring spoons full of water, dumping and pouring and even splashing a little here and there. We also added some marbles to the bucket and he loved fishing them out with his spoons and fingers. He also liked stirring the marbles around with a big wooden spoon he chose from the kitchen carousel. He played with that for nearly half an hour, and I only decided to put it away once he saw how fun it was to throw the water and watch it splat all over the kitchen tile.

It wasn’t quite lunch time yet, so I pulled out the new set of finger-paints I picked up at Target. I slipped a much too large black t-shirt on him and put dollops of paint on a piece of paper and he just looked at me with a big question mark on his face. I explained that he was to use his finger to move the paint around and he said “Mama, do it”. I demonstrated with a swipe of my finger and that’s all it took to get him going. Before I knew it we were on our second sheet of paper and he had paint covering both hands and splatters on his face and even a touch in his hair. Once, while he was waiting for me to put more paint on his paper, he absentmindedly put his fingers in his mouth...but it only took a second for him to realize his mistake! I’m guessing it tasted pretty bad because he kept telling me “no mouth” after that!

Not once during our entire morning did I get up to grab my camera or even my phone to take pictures or video. I’m kicking myself a little now because there was so much to take pictures of, so many firsts for him today. I’ve really got to get back into the swing of taking pictures on a daily basis and recording moments of our lives on this blog. After all, it seems like the best moments are in the details.

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