Monday, May 7, 2012

How My Day Was Spent

I woke up with plans for today. Big plans. Then, I really woke up and realized that there are only so many hours in a day and had to quickly readjust said plans.

I got some important things accomplished, but here’s what I really want to remember about today:

I took Harper to a park that is really close to our house just to let him slide to his hearts content.

Just looking at the picture below makes me nauseous. All I can imagine is him tumbling down and getting hurt.


He really liked going down this enclosed slide and probably did around 50 times. He also liked finding sticks and weird seed things to throw down it.



Once he fulfilled all his sliding needs, he found this little tunnel to climb through. He had a tough time figuring it out at first because it starts high, and then dips and then gets high again and he kept sliding from the top back down into the center. After a few tries he figured out how to get through.


PS. Remember how I wrote about the trampoline being broken and me being too tired to look at it? Well, today I mustered up the courage to look and then I just wished that I hadn’t. It’s pretty much trash.

PSS. Also, remember how I wrote about being too tired to worry about the boys playing with the new pool ball and that I didn’t say anything…well, it turns out I probably should have said something because they successfully popped it today.

PSSS. I’m going to bed.

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