Saturday, May 5, 2012

A L-O-N-G Saturday

Our day started bright and early with a 5am wake up from Harper. I’m not sure what woke him up or why he didn’t think going back to sleep was a good idea, but it sure made today seem even longer than usual. Tony got him out of his crib at 5am and put him in our bed hoping he’d go back to sleep (which NEVER works!!!) and the only one who ended up getting back to sleep was Tony. Sometime around 5:45 I decided to get out of bed and try to rock Harps back to sleep and within minutes he was out and back in his bed…only problem was that I was wide awake by then and decided I may as well get our crap together for our community yard sale.

After a quick shower I headed downstairs to start lugging the few things we had to sell out to the driveway. Luckily, Tony got out of bed to help and within just a short time we had it all outside. Just as I was beginning to unpack all of Harpers baby clothes, two ladies drove up and asked how much I wanted for each box of clothes. I said $10 a box and they bought all of it, sight unseen. Since they took all that off of my hands I didn’t really have anything else to sell except 2 barstools and a stroller, so Tony and I ended up just quitting for the day. We didn’t feel like it was worth spending the day sitting outside for those couple items.

Since we had the entire day ahead of us, we thought it would be a good time to do some general spring purging/cleaning/errand running. We brought a load of stuff to the dump, stopped for breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts, went back home for a load of stuff for Goodwill and then Tony and Landon got much needed haircuts.

Once we got back from running our errands I took a quick spin through our neighborhood to see if I could find anything for the new baby’s bedroom. As luck would have it, I spotted the perfect little white dresser for her room and when I found out it was only $10, I knew it was meant to be. We loaded up that new dresser and it’s now sitting waiting for a room to go in…

Lunch was next (at home) and then I was desperate for a nap. Zoe made sure I was up by 1:30pm though so that I could go with her to start all her prom preparations. We started with a 2pm manicure followed by a 2:45 makeup application and then at 4pm she had to get her hair done. It was fun for her, and I loved seeing her get all dolled up. I didn’t take pictures of the process though because I was so tired I left my camera at home!

Once we were home again, it was time for her to get into her dress, shoes and jewelry and wait for her boyfriend to show up.

Next post: Prom photos.

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