Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Stuff

Our day started out with a 10am soccer game. Landon is participating in the Heat Cup tournament this weekend, and boy is it hot!


He played extremely well and although his team lost the game 2-1, no goals were scored while Landon was goalie. :)

Like I said, it was terribly hot so after the first game, Harper and I headed home for some AC, lunch and naptime. Landon’s team ended up winning the second game and will have at least one more game tomorrow. (But, because of some serious issues with his coach, we won’t be attending tomorrows game(s) and instead will be going to Six Flags for some real fun!)

After such a long tiring morning, we decided to hit the pool with the boys. Today is the first day it’s open this season and I thought we could all use a little cooling off. (Zoe worked again today.)


I realize it looks like there isn’t anyone there except us, but really there was. This shot was just taken right after adult swim ended and we were the first to get in.



There was a swim race between Tony and Landon.


And some handstands with one of the neighborhood kids.


And Harper did some puddle splashing.


We were really surprised that the water wasn’t all that cold, but even so, we only spent about an hour at the pool because we were heading over to Tony’s parents’ house for dinner. I’m sure we’ll be getting plenty of pool time in this summer though, so I’m not worried!

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