Wednesday, May 30, 2012


As of Saturday, our pool is officially open for summer. After Landon’s games Saturday morning and Harper’s afternoon nap, we decided to head over to the pool for a little bit.

Last year the water was absolutely freezing when the pool first opened so we were all a little worried that we were going to be too cold to enjoy it, but it just so happened that it was extremely hot and the water felt really nice.

We got to the pool when there was only about 10 minutes before adult swim so they got a few minutes then had to wait 15 minutes for it to be over and get in again. But, as soon as adult swim was over, Landon ran and jumped right into that refreshing water.





Harper was happy to have dada hold him and let him splash around in the water. He had some little squirt toys to hold and throw and fetch too, so he was enjoying himself.



At one point Landon challenged Tony to a race across the pool. And, since Tony’s only 10 years old at heart, he accepted the challenge. (He did let Landon get a good start though!)


While waiting for dada and Landon to finish showing off, Harper found a good puddle to jump in. He was even able to get dada to splash around with him.


And, as is expected, Landon and one of the neighborhood girls did a few thousand handstands…how else can they perfect them if they don’t do them over and over and over again and say “Mom, was that straight?” after every single one?


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