Saturday, May 26, 2012

Time Well Spent

It’s really beginning to feel like summer here now. This past week we had some pretty hot days, and I couldn’t wait to get Harper outside to play in the water.

I pulled out his water mat from last year, and he was just thrilled!


Add a popsicle to the water, and it was like heaven for him.

He’s a total popsicle fan!


He loved stomping his feet on the mat and splashing around. It didn’t faze him at all when the water got on his face either.


He wanted Tony and I to get in with him though, so Dada was nice and went in and changed into his swimsuit to play with him.


While they were outside playing in the water, the two big kids were inside making these:


They turned out well, but we decided they weren’t our favorite. I think we’ll just stick to the cupcakes with the icing on the outside.


It was really nice to see them do something together though…it’s been a long time.

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