Saturday, May 26, 2012

Basement and Gazebo Updates

Sometimes it seems like our house is in a constant state of change. Right now we have 2 big projects going on:

a) our basement is being finished

b) Tony is working on replacing all the posts and screens on the gazebo

We are finishing the rest of the basement so that we will have a nice area for Zoe when she’s home from college. It’ll serve as her bedroom until she leaves this fall, and as a guest room when she isn’t here. Our contractor started work on it this past Wednesday, so there isn’t much done, but here is the view from the doorway into the new area:


To the left is the water heater and ac unit which will all be behind doors, and at the very end there will be a big closet for storage.

Water Heater, AC and Sump Pump


Small Storage Area, AC




This is the view from the back of the basement. The front left of the photo is the large storage area and the middle area is going to be a foyer type area with the door leading out into the other half of the basement.


So, like I said, they only worked 2 days this past week and there isn’t much done, but it’s a great start! I’m so excited to see how it all turns out!

Tony’s project outside on the gazebo is also well underway. So far he’s purchased/stained and replaced almost all of the posts on the gazebo.


Those nasty white posts look even worse up against the new posts! I’m excited that this project is underway too, because I love sitting outside in the evenings, and being able to do that without all the bugs will be awesome!

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