Saturday, June 16, 2012

5th Grade Grad Party

Oddly enough, our neighborhood has thrown the 5th grade graduation party every year, beginning with the year Zoe graduated 5th grade. I was so happy to find out that all these years later the party would still be in our neighborhood.

Every 5th grader was invited, and asked to bring in $5.00 and a food item to share. So, it was very reasonable and gave all the kids a chance to hang out together after their big morning. Of the 90+ 5th graders, around 65 showed up for the party, so it was quite a success!


Landon was so excited to get down to the pool for the party, he was ready the minute we got back from the ceremony. The party started at 11am and we were there right when things got started. The water was freezing, but that sure didn’t stop a bunch of 10 and 11 year olds from getting in and having a great time!



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