Saturday, June 16, 2012

Zoe’s Senior Graduation Party

In our neighborhood there were 11 graduating seniors, so our community also threw their graduation parties. (On the same day as the 5th grade party! It was a tiring day!!!)

Instead of each senior getting their own cake, we opted for 5 with 2/3 names each instead. It was just way too much cake any other way!


The senior party was a bit more refined with catered BBQ and DJ, but still ultimately just a big fat pool party. Each senior was able to invite as many people as they wanted, and while I don’t know how many people other kids invited, Zoe had about 40+ show up. She invited a few more than that, but that was about the number that RSVP’d and showed.


Many of the friends she invited had to work that evening and just stopped by for an hour or so, but it was really nice of them to make an effort to come out and see her.

Each senior also had their own photo frame that their friends could sign:


And there many, many pictures taken, of course. This was the first group of friends to show up:


Another group:


And another group, later in the evening:


And, of course, when Brandon showed up (after his sisters graduation and dinner), I had to get one the two of them. Apparently, right after I took this shot, he tossed her butt in the pool. Too bad I missed that one!!!


They swam, and froze their butt’s off, and ate and talked until around 11pm when the party ended, and I think they all had a good time. Hard to believe it’s all over.

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