Thursday, June 21, 2012

Before 10am

Before it was even 10 o’clock in the morning, Harper and I had done about 4 million things. To say that he has a short attention span would be a huge understatement. Sometimes he can sit and do one thing forever, other times, we go from one thing to the next like we’re on fire.

We started out playing with the iPad, because that’s how he likes to start his morning, then moved onto the toy box where we had nearly every single toy out, then onto lining up the cars on the table. After that 15 minutes, we decided to go outside and fill up the kiddie pool because it was already 90 some degrees outside. We brought all kinds of toys out, and I even put on my bathing suit (gasp!) to sit in the pool with him…but, after playing with the shark for about 10 minutes, he wanted to run and climb up the slide (only to decide he didn’t want to slide) and then we got on the trampoline. I think it may have taken me more time to get on the trampoline than he actually jumped, but I did get a few cute pictures of him at least!



This is his impression of hopping like a bunny:



Here he is being a cow:


And, when I asked him what was next, this is what I got:



Ostrich, maybe?

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