Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Duck Park

Yesterday, before it got super duper hot here, I decided to take the boys to the park. We got there around 10am and only stayed for an hour, but it was long enough because it was starting to get really hot when we left.



I let Landon choose the park he wanted to go to, and we ended up at the park we call “the duck park”. There is a nice little pond and stream with lots and lots of geese and ducks…therefore, it is the duck park.

Impressing with his Backwards Monkey Bar Trick


Landon ran around that park like he hadn’t seen one in years, and Harper just kinda walked around observing what was going on. He usually loves to slide a million times, but for some reason yesterday he wouldn’t slide. At all.

After playing at the park for a bit we walked around the pond checking the place out. I made Landon stop in front of these pretty purple flowers so that I could get a picture of them. I couldn’t believe he did it without arguing!


It’s a good thing I got them out to the park for a bit yesterday because our weather here was unbearable today and tomorrow is supposed to be even worse.

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