Tuesday, June 19, 2012

12 Years

In the midst of the two kids’ graduations and parties, I forgot to mention that Tony and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. We are pretty low key people in general, so there wasn’t a huge party or anything…we just decided to go out to dinner and exchange small gifts.

Even though I hated doing it, I bought him a video game for our anniversary. I hate buying video games unless it’s Christmas or his birthday, but honestly, he was DYING to have Diablo III, and I knew that he was kind of expecting it. So, instead of trying to find something else, I just got him what he wanted. Yawn.

He got me something really cool though, as usual. Using a photo of the two of us from last summer, he had a canvas made. He converted the photo to black and white and then had them create text over the photo. I need to get a photo of it to show you what I mean, but I just keep forgetting to take the darn picture! I’ll put it on my long list of crap to get done, and hopefully actually have that to share tomorrow.

As luck would have it, our anniversary fell on a Saturday night this year, so that made going out to dinner easy. My mother-in-law came over to sit with the boys while we headed out to a local German restaurant. I don’t know what made him think German, but I was all about it.

We went to the Old Stein Inn in Edgewater, and it was awesome. They even had a live band playing, and the music really brought me back to those German beer tents. Man, I really miss those darn fests! We ate bratwurst (DELICIOUS!!!) and Tony had some beer, although I can’t remember now what he had. There was a huge pile of sauerkraut on our plates, and while Tony ate some of his, I found out that I still really do not like the taste of that crap.

It ended up being a nice night out albeit short lived. We just sat and talked and ate and nearly sweated to death at our outdoor “shaded” table. As usual, our conversation was mostly about the kids, but as the food settled and the music played we even started to talk a little about ourselves and the future we see together. It’s a future with kids, and family vacations, and report cards, and meltdowns, and ice cream cones, and arguments…but, it’s a future we’re both looking forward to forging together. And, I suppose that is all that matters.

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