Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Morning

Since I’m about to have my last baby, my mother-in-law kindly offered to continue to take Harper to Rolly Pollies for me once a week. He really likes going, it’s good exercise and he gets to be around other little kiddies his age. So, this morning was the first class for this session and she came by around 8:30am to pick him for his class.

We weren’t sure how he would do riding with her out there because he’s become quite clingy (with me) in the last few weeks and only wants “Mama do it”, no matter what “it” may be. But, I did my best to pump him up about it last night and this morning before she got here in hopes that he’d be excited to go back and not be so worried about Mama, do it. She told me that he did pretty good except when they got there he wanted Mama to get him out of his car seat and cried a little. She just told him that Mama wasn’t there and that they couldn’t go in to Rolly Pollies if he was crying and he quit. Phew. I’m glad it wasn’t too hard for her, I know how difficult he can be. I have to admit though that I hated buckling him up in her car and hearing him say “Bye, Mama”. I know he’s in good hands with her as she always takes the best care of my kids, but it was a little stab not getting to see him play. I have to remind myself that he needs a break from me every once in awhile just as I need a break from him.

While he was gone I did some much needed cleaning. Two bathrooms, dishes, a quick pick up and load of laundry later, they were back. He was in such a great mood when they got back, too! He went straight for the iPad (his favorite) but only for a minute or two then he was tearing through all his toys. We played cars for a bit then he saw his animals in the toy box and pulled them out one by one. He likes to take them into the kitchen and make a pile with them in the middle of the floor. I have no idea why he always goes in the kitchen, but that’s exactly what he did this morning.


He got them all in the kitchen then pulled them all on his lap and couldn’t have been happier with himself. I think once he sat down he realized he was getting sleepy and he started to rub his cheek and nose with his frogs hand (like he normally would with his blanket) and kind of just stared off into space.


While Harps is down for his nap, Zoe and Landon are keeping themselves occupied with a little Super Mario Bros. on the Wii.


It’s been a long time since we’ve played the Wii around here. I guess we’ve all just been too busy. It sounds like they’re having a pretty good time in there though, so hopefully they will remember it for another time when they’re “bored”.

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