Thursday, June 21, 2012

When It’s Hot Out

The minute Tony got home from work tonight, Landon started asking if we could walk down to the pool. It was incredibly hot today, 100+ so it did seem like a good time to go. So, we slapped on some sun block and suits and off we went.

A couple weeks ago I picked up a maternity bathing suit at Target and today was the first day I actually wore it. I just never felt like I could justify the price of a bathing suit I’d only wear once or twice…but, it’s been so darn hot I just ripped that tag off and went for it!

Harper actually spent some time in the pool this time too, so Tony and I weren’t just following him around the whole time. It was so nice to go down there and cool off after such a long day. My body needed the relaxation and I only hope it translates to a good nights sleep for me. Just the short amount of time we spent out there made me feel so relaxed.

It was also nice that since I was getting in the water Tony and I could take turns playing with each boy. Sometimes Landon has friends at the pool, but today he didn’t know anyone there, so Tony and I took turns playing with him or shuttling Harper around in the water.

As usual, Landon had lots tricks to show me, so I got out and grabbed the camera to catch a few.

The Perfect Handstand


Sitting on the Bottom


Lying on the Bottom (sort of)


Just before we packed up to go, Harper discovered the water fountain, one of his favorite things ever. He loves him some “co wa-wa” aka cold water.


On the way out of the pool I decided to get a quick pic with my phone so that I would have proof that I did actually wear a maternity bathing suit in public!


It was worth every penny.

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